Friday, 28 February 2014

AOSP ROM For A74 & A76

Rom Feauters:-
Fast GPS.
Dual 3g.
Zip Aligned.
Added init.d Tweak Support.
Added Build.Prop Tweaks.
Performance Tweaks.
Battery Tweaks.
Smooth Touchscreen Tweaks.
Increased Battery Backup.
Free Ram Always 280-300mb.
Support EXT4.
Lot Of More Feauters Inside The Rom.


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Thursday, 20 February 2014

IOS7 Rom by Satish

1.IOS7 Ui.
2.Ext2.ko module add
3.To take screenshot press menu botton.
5.Tun.ko module add for vpn
6.LINK2SD and APP2SD support

7.Debloated (all useless apps removed)
8.GPU rendering for better gaming experience
9.Better MultiTasking(Upto 6 apps)
10.Power collapse tweak for better batery backup

11.Hardware acceleration enabled for smoother UI
12.Super Smooth Scrolling
13.Improved touchscreen sensitivity
14.Google dns servers.internet and 3G Tweaks

15.COMPLETE IOS Experience
16.Inbuilt Powerful Task killer

Download Link
Here are some screen shots of ROM

Saturday, 15 February 2014

COLOR OS v1.0.0

Rom Features:-
Base On Color OS.
Color OS UI.
Dual 3G.
Cool Keyboard.
Themes Suppotted.
Added New Ringtones.
Fast GPS.
Not Heat More.
Zip aligned.
Added Bravia Engine.
Supper Smooth scrolling mod.
Awesome Lock screen
Cool Statusbar
Modified settings app
Added init.d tweaks Support
Added lot of tweaks
Performance tweaks
Battery tweaks
Smooth touchscreen tweaks
Increased battery backup
Added build.prop tweaks
Added init.d tweaks
1% battery mod
Patched Services.jar for Full multitasking and
more battery backup
Lot Of More Features Inside The Rom
Download Link
Color OS update

Credit-me & jatin